The Reliable Technology Team You Need

While other company's love charging top dollar for even the simplest tech issues Essential Tech Support is quite different. We provide a team that reliably maintains, repairs, and coordinates your technology needs. Our people don't just fix computers (although we do a lot of that). We also coordinate with all of your vendors to make sure every part of your tech from the server room, to laptops, to your phone vendor and print vendor are all working together to provide you with a working, reliable and seamless technology system.

If we spot any weak points, for example your Internet Provider not providing the speeds they promise, we work with them to get it fixed or we recommend a reliable vendor that we use at our other sites. When you have someone who comes onsite or remotes in on a regular basis and is keeping an eye out for issues that may arise you'll see that you'll be ahead of the game.

Imagine your new friendly technology staffer checking in with your staff, finding out the pain points of your technology, and making sure everything is up and running. Next time when your team has a big deadline or hits busy season you're ready! No one on your staff missing deadlines because of slow Internet, bad WiFi, printer problems, etc...

If you're thinking "sounds great but I could never afford that" you've got to take a look at our pricing page. Our team of experts costs far less than any other company out there. And we've got tons of references to prove to you that our concept can work wonders for your organization.