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We have special pricing for mission driven organizations like yours, such as non-profits, charities, low income organizations, startup businesses and more.

We have a unique tech support model that helps us keep our prices low and keeps your computers, network and Internet up and running!

No Servers

Antiquated IT companies love putting in large, outdated and complicated servers. Why? Because they can sell them for a huge markup and then you have to keep paying them to maintain them. Don't maintain them and they'll crash and take down your whole office. We're different. Our policy is we keep your IT setup nice and simple with no complicated servers so there's no extra cost for you!

Fast Technology Help

Your a small organization but you've got a big mission. You deserve fast, reliable, and knowledgeable tech support. And we go beyond just tech support. You need advice, guidance, and a team that knows technology inside and out. Is this just a normal pop-up on my computer or has my office been hacked? How do we make sure the computers we're buying will last? When you sign up with us our team is here to answer all those questions and more!

No Contracts

Technology changes so quickly these days and we always want you to be up to date on the best technology available. So we've ditched the long-term contract. Instead, we regularly review your tech needs with you. Have a seasonal intern helping with IT? No problem! Need extra tech support from us while you're team is working overtime? No Problem! We're flexible because we know that's what you need.

We have the Technology Team Your Organization Needs

Has this happened to you?

Your Internet is slow but the Internet company says the issue is on your equipment.

You go to print but the printer is broken again. When you call the printer company they say it's probably your network.

You've spent thousands on a new piece of technology but when it doesn't work right the vendor says the problem is on your end.

These day-to-day technology headaches can drive you crazy. We don't point fingers like the other guys. We work with you to regularly maintain your technology on a regular and reliable basis. Your staff knows our techs and knows how to get in touch for any technology issues they've been experiencing. Our techs can take care of big issues right away. But we can also address small issues quickly and efficiently before they become big headaches or your next big deadline looms.

We make sure all your technology is working properly all of the time. We work with you to identify any areas of your organization that need to be upgraded or fixed. We're not like the other guys that sell you $10,000+ pieces of hardware that sit in a server room and never quite work right. We advise you on what the most cost-effective and reliable options are for your organization. For example, did you know non-profits, schools, and even small businesses are entitled to thousands of dollars of free and reduced-cost services from some of the biggest names in technology? We work with you to realize those savings all while making sure your technology is up to date and reliable for day-to-day use by your staff.

Reach out to us today 24/7 at our call center (410) 921-2921 and we can assess your needs and start helping you right away.